Graduation Requirements

State of Michigan Improved High School Graduation Requirements

To prepare Michigan’s students with the skills and knowledge needed for the jobs of the 21st Century global economy, the State of Michigan has enacted a rigorous new set of statewide graduation requirements that are among the best in the nation.

With these new graduation requirements, students will be well-prepared for further success in college and on the job. Michigan is developing a highly skilled 21st century workforce that will drive the state’s economy today and into the future.

The new graduation standards will be required starting with the Class of 2011.

Students need a total of 24 credits to graduate.

Michigan Merit Curriculum & Personal Curriculum

Michigan Merit Curriculum
# of Credits Curriculum Area Required Content
4 Credits Mathematics Algebra I; Geometry, Algebra II; including one credit in Senior Year
4 Credits English Language Arts Aligned with subject area content expectations developed by state Dept. of Education
3 Credits Science Physical Science, Biology, Physics or Chemistry
3 credits Social Studies .5 credit in Civics;
.5 credits in Economics;
U.S. History and Geography;
World History and Geography
1 Credit Physical Education/Health Credit guidelines to be developed by state Dept. of Education
1 Credit Visual, performing, Applied arts Credit guidelines to be developed by state Dept. of Education
24 Credits to graduate    

The Revised School Code, Act 451 of 1976, Section 180.1278b

Additional Graduation Requirements

On-line Learning Experience
Students must take an on-line course or learning experience; OR have the on-line learning experience incorporated into each of the required credits of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

World Languages
Beginning with the Class of 2016 (Third graders in the Fall 2006), students will need to complete 2 Credits of a World Language in grades 9-12; OR have an equivalent experience in grades K-12.

For more information, visit the Michigan Department of Education.