January 22, 2024

Superintendent's Article

     The Marcellus Community Schools Board of Education held its reorganizational meeting on January 15.  The board elected officers, appointed members to district and school committees, and acted on old and new business.

    Officer election results include Joe Tone, President; Ed Asmus, Vice President; Nicki Hackenberg, Secretary; and Laura Schug, Treasurer.  Hackenberg was also appointed to the District School Improvement Committee.  Vicki Essex and Hackenberg will serve on the Athletic Council, Trustee Sarah Engstrom as the district's Food Service Officer, and Asmus on the Berrien/ Cass School Board Association Board of Directors.

     Appointed to the Finance and Personnel Committee were Tone, Schug and Hackenberg.  Tone, Asmus and Justin Ware were selected to sit on the Facilities Committee, and Ware will join Tone and Engstrom on the Board Affairs Committee. 

     Administrators presented reports about upcoming events and assessment testing.   Superintendent Pauley recognized January as Board Appreciation Month and thanked board members for their dedicated service to Marcellus Community Schools.

     The board approved several policy revisions including those related to staff reduction and recalls, artificial intelligence, and online learning.  In new business, a first reading of recommended policy revisions surrounding legislative changes to professional staff and probationary teacher evaluations was presented.  Additionally, the board approved the 2024 committee meeting schedule, and accepted the resignations of Phil Small, April Stewert and Stephanie Fletter.

     Also in new business, the board approved a bid from C. Wimberley for the purchase of a 2023 Chevy Silverado Double Cab 4x4 truck for the Career Technical Agriscience Education program.  The purchase price of $42,316 will be reimbursed by Heritage Southwest Intermediate School District (HSISD) using CTE 61c equipment funds. The board also approved a proposal for architectural services for construction of an agricultural barn from Carmi Design Group, Inc.  The cost of the project, up to approximately $316,000 will also be reimbursed by the HSISD’s 61c grant funds.

    Finally, the board passed a resolution authorizing the issuance and delegating the sale of 2024 bonds.  The board received a proposal from PFM Financial Advisors, LLC, to refund part or all of the district’s 2014 School Building and Site Bonds, dated July 23, 2014.  The resolution authorizes the Superintendent to approve the winning bidder, subject to parameters, including the average true interest cost rate not to exceed five percent, the present value savings from the refunding not be less than three percent, the maximum bond term not to exceed nine years, and upon financial advisors PFM’s written recommendation to approve the winning bidder.

     In other news, Marcellus Community Schools is seeking to fill a maintenance position and a school nurse position. For more information, please visit the district’s website at marcelluscs.org or call 269-646-7655.  Interested applicants may submit a resume to nanette.pauley@marcelluscs.org