November 6, 2022

Superintendent's News

     A MI HEARTSafe designation recognizes a school’s efforts to prevent sudden cardiac death of the young (SCDY) by preparing for a cardiac emergency. It indicates that members of the school community know how to recognize the signs of a sudden cardiac arrest and respond quickly by calling 9-1-1 and using CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) until EMS arrives. 

     Marcellus Community Schools was first recognized with a MI HEARTSafe designation for our work to prevent sudden cardiac death of the young (SCDY) in 2015.   In order to retain that designation, schools must meet certain criteria and re-apply every three years.  I am proud to announce that the elementary, middle, and high schools all met the criteria and were again recognized for their efforts. Each building received a MI HEARTSafe banner and will be recognized on November 10, at the Michigan High School Athletic Association in East Lansing.

     Requirements to earn the designation include the establishment of a written cardiac emergency response plan and an emergency response team, a minimum number of CPR certified personnel and a sufficient number of accessible AEDs.   Marcellus Community Schools annually reviews building cardiac emergency response plans and inspects and services AEDs.  The district is committed to educating people about sudden cardiac arrest and emergency procedures, as well as to providing accessible automated external defibrillators (AED).  While we hope to never have to use the training, I appreciate the extra efforts the staff and coaches make in order to be prepared for sudden cardiac emergencies.   Questions about this safety initiative can be directed to school nurse Karen Warner at 646-9209.

     In other news, with the winter weather season’s arrival, a few reminders about school closings and delays are in order.   When Marcellus Community Schools must delay or close school, notifications can be found on the school Facebook page,  WWMT Channel 3, WNDU Channel 16, WSBT Channel 22, WOOD Channel 8, WOTV Channel 41 and ABC 57.  In addition, an automated telephone call alert is made to all parents who have provided accurate contact numbers. Parents and guardians are encouraged to call the school office to ensure that contact information is up to date.