Students of the Month

May 2023

6th Grade Julian M. has made tremendous progress throughout the year. He is focused on his school work, helping classmates and being a student athlete. He is always polite and kind to others as well.
7th Grade Kerrianne O. is respectful, kind, and a great student-athlete. She is a positive role model for all students.
8th Grade Drew R. works to be responsible with his school work and he is always kind and respectful to those around him.
High School-A Katie L. is a conscientious, hardworking student. She puts forth her best effort, is eager to learn, and self-motivated. Katie is responsible and reliable, and a complete joy to have in class!
High School-B Caleb C. has a keen interest in technology. He has a natural understanding for Microsoft programs; he enjoys diving deep into complex programs and obtaining new skills. He has the highest recorded test scores on the MOS PowerPoint and Excel in both BTM sections.
6th Grade Gabriel F. He is a hard worker, participates in class discussions and is always willing to help classmates.
7th Grade Jayden Q. He is an excellent student and a great roll model for others. Jayden always does his best and is willing to help others.
8th Grade Allyson W. She always completes her work at a high level, and is an exemplary roll model for other students.
High School MaKynna H. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class; she goes out of her way to help others succeed. She is very kind and always smiling!
High School Logan S. He has grown tremendously throughout his high school career. He is a joy to have in class with his witty personality!

March 2023

Kindergarten Elinore W., Alessa R. & Caleb G.
1st Grade Sophia H., Kennedy M., & Daxtyn M.
2nd Grade Essence S. & Elijah V.
3rd Grade Owen K. & Colten W.
4th Grade Addison P. & Logan W.
5th Grade Allison E., Camden M. & Cadence M.
6th Grade Ava L. She is very helpful around the classroom, gets along well with her peers, and takes pride in her schoolwork. She is a great role model for other students.
7th Grade Alexis R. She is always focused, turns all of her work in on time and it is always of great quality, and she is an all around model student when it comes to kindness to others, respectfulness, and maturity.
8th Grade Abram C. He always completes his work on time and it is of great quality. He is a great model for other students through his actions, academics, and his kindness to others.

February 2023

Kindergarten Cameron C, Korbyn O. & Corven H.
1st Grade Phoebe C, Abagail W. & Reagan P.
2nd Grade Waylon B & Ryleigh H.
3rd Grade Alexis E. & Kinley E.
4th Grade Tyson F. & Julia K.
5th Grade Nolan F., Lilly S. & Ethan W.
6th Grade Lukas H.--He comes to class prepared and ready to work. He is always willing to stop what he is working on to help others.
7th Grade Matt J.-- is a wonderful student that goes out of his way to help his classmates. He is an excellent roll model for other students.
8th Grade Sean O.-- is a hard-working student. He is kind and patient with his classmates making him a student others can look up to.

January 2023--Elementary School

Back Row L-R: Corey R., Bristol H., Lucy S., Mason S., Hayden H., Alaina J.

Front Row L-R: Quinton F., Mallory N., Lincoln F., Abram H., Os'Lynn J., Jacob P., Aliyah F.

January 2023--Middle School

6th Grade Colton R. - He is a great student, participates in class discussions, asks great questions, has great sportsmanship, and is very helpful to fellow students and faculty.
7th Grade Elin E. - She is hard working, kind to other students, has a great sense of humor, is respectful, and always has a positive attitude.
8th Grade Matthew L. - He is a great student. He is helpful in the classroom, he is respectful, has a great attitude and is an all around great role model for middle school students.