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School Hours

  • Middle/High School:
    7:55am - 2:55pm
    Half Day Dismissal: 11:06

    Elementary School:
    7:47am - 2:56pm
    Half Day Dismissal: 11:07 


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Marcellus Community Schools Staff
Superintendent - Ms. Nanette Pauley

Middle/High Staff | Volinia Outcome Staff | Elementary Staff

Administration and Support Staff

Administration Building
Phone: 269.646.7655 - Fax: 269.646.2700

Name Position
Bradley Russell Transportation/Maintenance Supervisor
Laura Schug Admin
Robert Wiersema Staff Accountant
Debbie Paolasso Admin Secretary
Dianna Olson Technology
Quinn Tabbert Food Service
Carmi Essex Custodial/Maintenance
Bernie Haas Custodial/Maintenance
Rhonda Bishop Staff
Faith Rowe Staff
Tammy Rogers Staff
Faith Harris Staff
Joanna Hawkins Custodial
Loretta Ransbottom Staff
Joan Wadsworth Staff
Karen Richards Staff
Sarah Richards Staff
Renee Perry Custodial
Kathy Bradley Custodial


Middle/High School Staff

Marcellus Middle/High School
Phone: 269.646.5081 - Fax: 269.646.5021

Principal: Mrs. Lynn Wagner
Dean of Students (asst. Principal)/Athletic Director: Mr. Don Price

Name Position
Mr. Dan Afton Science/Biology/Chemistry
Mrs. Karen Carlson
Link to Lesson Plans (click)
Mrs. Tracy Cropsey
Link to Lesson Plans (click)
Mr. Dave DeCou English/Government/Econ
Ms. Kathryn Essex Band/Choir
Mr. Nathan Davies P.E.
Mr. Mike Fountain History/English
Mr. Kyle Townsend  
Mr. AJ High Social Studies
Mr. Benjamin Earley Social Studies
Mr. William Draper Math
Mr. Steve McCloskey Science/Math/Physics
Ms. Kim Moe Math/PE/Health
Mrs. Cyndy Ross Spanish/Sociology
Ms. Tanya Lillie Business/Computers
Mrs. Cindy Semark Art
  Library Aide/ISS
Ms. McKenna Terrill Athletic Secretary
Mrs. Cathy Small Secretary
Mrs. Alison Smeltzer Secretary
Mrs. Breeana Thomas Secretary
Mrs. Kathy Bradley Custodian

Volinia Outcome School Staff

Volinia Outcome School
Phone: 269.782.9716 - Fax: 269.782.6824

Director: Ms. Amy Anderson

Name Position
Ms. Julie Knight Teacher
Billie Wilson Secretary
Ms. Dawn Stanley Teacher's Aide


Elementary School Staff

Marcellus Elementary School
Phone: 269.646.9209 - Fax: 269.646.5014

Principal: Mrs. Melinda Bohan

Name Position
Mrs. Angie Enright Preschool
Ms. Peggy Deames Preschool Para-Pro
Mrs. Kathy DeMott Kindergarten
Ms. Heather Vineyard Kindergarten
Mrs. Heather Mihills First Grade
Mrs. Joyce Tone Fourth Grade
Mrs. Karen Ferguson First Grade
Mrs. Brenda Smetana Second Grade
Mrs. Amy Monroe Second Grade
Mrs. Val Martin Third Grade
Mrs. Ann Smith Third Grade
Mrs. Carol Rose Title 1
Mr. Henry Essex Fourth Grade
Mrs. Sarah Porath Fifth/Sixth Grade Social Studies
Ms. Stefany Thornburgh 5th/6th Grade Science
Ms. Ashley Mann 5th/6th Grade Math
Mrs. Katie Markovich-Bush Fifth/Sixth Grade ELA
Mr. Joseph Lekan Specials/Music
Ms. Cindy Semark Specials/Art
Ms. Sarah Zuellig Speech/Language
Mr. Kyle Townsend  
Mrs. Dorene Budner Title 1
Mrs. Tammy Curtis Social Worker
Ms. Shannon Lehew Special Education
Mrs. Dana Mikel Secretary
Mrs. Laura Witten Aide
Mrs. Carman Wildes Aide

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